Popup Cafe

Pop Up Cafe

The Popup cafe runs on a Friday morning, alongside the baby and toddler groups that take place in the church (10:30-1:30).

The cafe operates from our main church sanctuary, but we bring in extra sofas, comfy chairs, and an array of toys for the children to play with.

We serve a range of teas, coffees – including your favourite Barista style drinks -, and cakes at reasonable prices. We are also really happy for you to bring your own food in, and the local chippy is always glad to offer meals for you to come and eat with us.


We pride ourselves on being family friendly, which means space for buggies and prams, plenty of high chairs. We are positively encouraging of young children playing and those breast feeding. The play area is very visible, allowing you to find the balance of watching your child and being alongside others.

If you’d be interesting in volunteering alongside the Friday team, then let Rev Andy know via the contact page.