Room Tarriff Summary

All our rooms are centrally heated, and individually thermostatically controlled.   Access to tea and coffee making is provided with all rooms, and the kitchen can be rented for specific catering requirements.  WiFi is available in most rooms.

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The following rooms are available for hire to individuals or groups, Monday to Saturday.  The rates for each room are as follows..:-

Room 2 :  £8.50 per hr.  5m x 5m with sofa, easy chairs, digital TV and Wifi

Room 3 £14.00 per hr.  9m x 8m with plastic chairs and WiFi

Room 4 £17.00 per hr.  14m x 9m plastic or more comfortable cloth chairs, video projector, 4m screen, cinema sound, with DVD player and PC input. Wireless PA and loop. This room also has ‘cinema’ capability. WiFi available.

Room 5: £14.00 per hr.   11m x 6m mix of comfortable chairs.  PA, wifi and loop – and access to side garden.

Log Cabin (In garden): £8:50 per hr.  3m x 5m.  (Insulated/heated/kitchenette and wifi)

Sanctuary £17.00 per hr.  15m x 9m.  Hardwood chairs,  video projection, 3m screen, PA, loop, piano.

Retreat Garden (Exclusive Use) Includes Log Cabin, summerhouse and access to kitchen  £50 for 1st session (morning, afternoon or evening & £30 for additional sessions on same day)

All room hires need to include setup and clear up time.  Charities in line with our own aims may be offered discounted rates, please enquire when you contact us.

To rent or inquire about a room booking, see our contact pages, or email us..