Sunday Morning Worship

10:30am-11:30am Weekly

Sunday Morning Worship

Sunday morning worship takes many forms. We all gather in time for 10:30am start, but if you are late dont panic, just slip in.

We aim for our worship to be relaxed, family friendly, with activities for the kids both to doodle and play, as well as engage with what is being shared. I like to think we have a sense of humour, and can be playful, as families are, even as we hear God’s word, sing, and reflect together.

The best thing to do is join us. Worship varies quite a bit, we have modern
music, led by the band, more traditional hymns, led by the organist, YouTube videos and stories, and of course we hear from the bible, and reflect on it, and pray together in different ways. The sort of service will depend a little on who is leading, from Minister, to visiting preachers, to members of the congregation, so we invite you to dip your toe into a few services.

Families tend to sit towards the front, and grab the sofa’s or cluster around the tables, which always have some drawing and other activities, as well as musical instruments and toys available, so there is something to occupy busy minds, as well as engaging with what is being shared.

Most of the worship is on projected screen, so no need for a hymnbook, or finding your page for words, is it usually just ready for you.

When you arrive someone will welcome you, and ensure you have all you need, and either invite your children to join one of their groups, or to start together, and then leave after the introductory part of the service, which is designed for them.

We always gather for hot drinks afterwards, usually for some time, as we are a chatty bunch. We’d love to welcome you into our family.