Room 2 Quiet Room / Lounge

Bookable from £11.10 per hr.  The room is comfortable, 5m x 5m.

It is brightly decorated with a large corner sofa, chairs, with pillows, and a small tea/coffee making space.

It also has an LED TV, with HDMI input, and WiFi is available. The TV has the capability to stream YouTube.

Room 2 is often  reserved as a quiet space for reflection or prayer, but can be booked on occasion.  It is perfect for small groups, of around 12-14 people.

Room 2 Lounge

Room Availability

The following embedded google calendar shows the room’s use. Please note, we cannot always accomodate a booking in what appears to be a free slot, in the event that noise from either this, or the neighbouring room would disturb one another.

To book this room, please contact our booking secretary Janette.