Room 5 Medium Hall


£15.40per hr.   11m x 6m mix of comfortable, 30-40 around tables, depending on confuguration. The room is equipped with a wireless public address and loop system, which can be made available. Projection can be onto the wall, and a portable projector is available. WiFi is available.


Room 5 is a slightly smaller room, with patio doors giving access to the external side garden.  This garden is enclosed and a ramp leads down.   There is a serving hatch through to the kitchen, which can be booked in conjunction with the room.

The room is supplied with comfortable seating, with some bucket chairs, and some upholstered standard chairs.   Tables can be provided on request.

The wall opposite the windows is suitable for projection, and blinds can be closed. A projector screen is also available on request.

Room Availability

The following embedded google calendar shows the room’s use. Please note, we cannot always accomodate a booking in what appears to be a free slot, in the event that noise from either this, or the neighbouring room would disturb one another.

To book this room, please contact our booking secretary Janette.