Young Church

On a Sunday morning, we have a varied rhythm of activities for all age groups.

For the younger members of the congregation, Godly Play runs on the second Sunday of the month, and God Squad 3-16 meets on the fourth Sunday of the month.

We usually have an All Age worship service on the third Sunday of the month. In the months to come, we plan to experiment with a more interactive “cafe-style” worship on the first Sunday of the month. We are also reflecting on how to integrate a more intergenerational approach into all aspects of our worship and church life.

Our typical pattern of worship looks like this:

1st Sunday of the month: “Café-style” worship (all ages together)

2nd Sunday of the month: Holy Communion service, with Godly Play for the children and young people

3rd Sunday of the month: All Age Worship

4th Sunday of the month: A more traditional service, with God Squad 3-16 for the children and young people