Who’s Who

Our Minister

The  Methodist Minister serving us at Acomb Methodist church is the Rev Andy Lindley.  He is responsible for the leadership, mission and spiritual nurture of the church and the surrounding community of Acomb.  At Acomb we are fortunate to have a local worship development team which works with preachers, minister’s and lay volunteers from Methodist churches across York to offer a range of weekly worship services.

In addition to this church, Andy is also minister of nearby Holgate, Southlands, Cornerstone and West Thorpe chapels.  He can be contacted on 01904 784545


John Bailey joined us in September 2017, and works alongside Rev Andy at Acomb, Holgate and Southlands churches as our Pastoral missioner.  This involves sharing pastoral oversight of the church family, and those linked with us, as well as helping us develop new ways to serve our community and engage with its needs.  John is also a Local Preacher, and as well as leading worship in the circuit, and our church also takes home communion to our housebound members.   John can be contacted on 07866078223

Church Booking Secretary / Caretaker

Janette Strodder is employed in our church office, and manages the running of our building, which is heavily used by both church and community organisations.  Janette is also a volunteer in our brownie pack, and leads assemblies in some of our local schools.

The office number is 01904 790510

Church Stewards

A team of five Church Stewards, and several representatives from different aspects of the churches life and mission work with the minister in the leadership the church. As well as providing support to the minister the stewards have a particular responsibility for ensuring that worship services of the church take place. Stewards are elected from within the membership of the church and usually serve for up to four years.

Church Council

The Church Council is the decision making

and legally responsible body in the Church. All formal correspondence with the church should be address to the secretary of the church council, Janet Holdaway, at the church address.

Pastoral Care

All members and regular worshippers are included in the pastoral care system, which is the formal way in which the people of the church exercise care for each other. We use a combination of methods to ensure pastoral care is available in a way that is appropriate to each person. Some choose to have a pastoral visitor, others receive care through their house group. More hi-tech options are also available. The pastoral care work is co-ordinated by the minister and the pastoral secretary, Judith Pinder, to support a church community where all are cared for.