Jubilee Project – The Building

There AcombFrontElevationColouredare several elements to our new vision for the church building.   The first is to expand and open out the side entrance, and through landscaping to make this much more obviously the main entrance.

This new much larger entrance foyer will include a coffee bar and seating.  This will be the final phase in our redevelopment, as it includes the removal of the choir area in church and substantial changes to the rooms inside.





The first phase of our plan, was to address our carbon footprint.  To that end we have double glazed all the community spaces, and upgraded the insulation.  We have replaced our very old boiler, with a new gas condenser boiler that is twice as efficient as the old one, and we have used wireless radiator controls to allow us to zone each radiator in the building so we only heat what we need.   Sadly although we hoped to pursue a ground source heat pump, the ground water salts in York prevented us doing so.

SideGardenAndRampIn the process of this phase we also created an accessible ramp to our side garden, which has become a space our toddlers, age concern and groups can use during the good weather.



During this first phase we have also added projection and a public address and speaker system to our large hall, so we can develop a community cinema, continue our creative worship in that space.  Our first film was shown January 2016 and 45 people attended.

A further phase of redevelopment will transform the stage area into a large storage space so we can remove the freestanding cupboards in the room.   We will similarly upgrade the storage in Room 3 so it becomes a more useful and flexible space.

Architects Plans Revision 2

You will see on another page that we plan to develop the garden into a retreat space, but int terms of building work this is completed with a new garden room extension at the rear of the property, which will serve the new garden (see Jubilee Garden) and offer a space for retreat groups, and other groups to meet.  It will have a patio area leading into the garden, and will be accessed through a new accessible pedestrian ramp.

Garden RoomGardenRoomSide